For this project , you should know what frequencies your wireless equipment uses. In my case I am using sennhieser A Band 518-554 mhz. In my case , I am using a 400-1000mhz log periodic antenna. IF you are using a 2.4ghz microphone, then you have to get the appropriate antenna for that, however assembly process should be the same. 

Also, please note that you should use 50 ohm RF cable, and not any 75 ohm cables that you may have lying around. 

Layout / Construction

I would recommend drilling the holes for the microphone stand and for zip ties first, before soldering any RF connectors. This way You can drill through both at antennas at the same time, in the same place. Be careful not to drill through any of the traces. As you can see in my picture, I already have the sma connector soldered to the board.  

Drill the  4 holes where you will be running the rf cable along the “boom” of the antenna, and one hole where you would be mounting the microphone holder. You can simply buy a microphone clip or use an old one and take it apart. You may need to get some plastic spacers or neoprene washers depending on the particular microphone clip you buy, it may not fit right out the box.


Make sure you measure and mark the hole where the microphone clip will be. (I made the mistake in drilling the hole for the microphone clip first before measuring. Which is why you see the hole (mistake hole)  in the first picture.

Solder the sma connector unto the board. 

Now you are ready to paint. Make sure you use a non-metallic spray paint.

After paint dries, Connect the right angle SMA connector, connect the rf cable, then attach the rf cable to the antenna with zip ties. Connect the coax to BNC adapter. Connect the microphone clip and and adjust any spacing issues with plastic spacers or neoprene washers. 

To mount the antennas to the microphone stand, I used a dual microphone adapter. Ive read that you should spread it out a little more than what I have here, but this worked fine for me. I wasnt able to find a dual microphone adapter that was wider and I didn’t have time to make one from scratch. 

Here is the finished product, mounted to a microphone stand

DIY Log Periodic Antenna

Parts list

Log Periodic Antenna (400-1000mhz)

SMA Male to Female Right Angle Adapter 

RG 58 Coaxial Cable (50 ohm)

RF coaxial coax adapter SMA female to BNC female

1/8″ to Female XLR

Microphone Clips


Microphone Stand (any one will do)

Dual Microphone Adapter

Plastic Spaces/ Neoprene Washers (Ace Hardware had good selections)

Non-Metallic Black Spray Paint (I used the Paint+ Primer)


Tools List:

Power Drill

Zip Ties

Soldering Iron / Solder


Sennheiser EW 100 G2 True Diversity Receiver – Band A: 518-554 MHz

Sennheiser EW 500 G2 Body Pack Transmitter