Frequently asked questions

I typically will arrive 2-3 hours prior to start time for setup. 

Typically 30 minutes to an hour to breakdown equipment. 

These setup and breakdown times are all dependent on any time restrictions from your venue.

I have popular packages listed on my site here

No, However I have done many Spanish / Latino events. However, I only announce in english.

Yes I can provide ceremony sound. 

If you are having a wedding with more than 20 guests, then you will likely need a microphone and speakers to be able to carry out the ceremony. 

1. Your guests will appreciate the quality of the sound.
2. You’ll be able to share your voice with everyone in attendance.
3. It will make it easier to hold your ceremony together if there are any disruptions.

I was always interested in music.  I learned to DJ using turntables and I love it! I love beat juggling, scratching, and mashing up songs together to create new blends. I am a music buff and I love all types of music. I am well versed in almost all music styles except country. If you need a country music DJ, I probably wont be a good fit for your event. 

Different wedding receptions will have different songs that are popular, but that does not mean that every reception has to sound the same. Both of you are of a unique style, so mix and match your favorite songs to create a unique and personal wedding soundtrack. There are a few more popular songs that both you and your guests might want to hear at your reception, but that does not mean that every wedding needs them. If you have a unique or special theme or flavor, go with it! Ill play what you want to hear. 

Only by request. When I meet with clients I will find out what music they would like played at the event. 

I am there 2-3 hours to setup for the event. Ill meet up with the day of coordinator upon arrival. Usually about an hour before the ceremony or upon their arrival, I will touch base with the officiant, mic them up and show them how to operate their lavalier. Also, I provide a microphone for anyone that will be speaking at the ceremony. 

For weddings, I am DJ/MC. I will announce the wedding party names and work with your day of coordinator to stick to the timeline that you provide.

I am a DJ that is not your typical cheesy wedding DJ. I actually mix live and keep talking to a minimum. If a couple wants to dance without me getting involved, that’s totally cool! I just want the wedding to be memorable and fun for everyone.

Yes you can hear sample mixes here

Of course, every professional should.

Typically, the end time is negotiated between you and the venue. I typically do not have the ability to do overtime due to venue restrictions. However, if there are no such restrictions I can provide an overtime rate if requested. 


Yes, I am insured and can provide a certificate of insurance to your venue if they need that.