DIY Glo Totem

Glow Totem Parts List:

Qty 2 – Trusst 12″x12″ aluminum base plate available on Amazon

Qty 2 – TRUSST Base Connector Set available on Amazon

Qty 1 – Plastidip available on Amazon

Qty 4 –  1″ EMT Pipe 10′ available at Home Depot here

Qty 16 – 1″ Set Screw Couplers available at Home Depot here

White Stretch Fabric can be purchased locally, such as joann fabrics

Suggested Equipment List:

Angle Grinder (Need grinding and cutting discs)

Saw Horse


Drill with Countersink or hole cutting bit

Circular Saw


Sewing Machine with thread

Framing Square

SUV or Pickup truck (for transport of EMT)

Building the Glo Totem

EMT (Steel Pipe)

Once you purchased the EMT, you will need to cut them in half into 5` sections. Put them on the wood horse and use the angle grinder cutting disc for that. Then use the grinding disc to even out or remove sharp edges. I suggest the angle grinder because you can get them for cheap. A better cutting solution would be a cutoff saw with a metal cutting disc if you can afford the price.

Attach the 1″ setscrew coupler to each end of the pipe with screwdriver. 

 Wood Base for Glow Totem

I reccomend Auroca 3/4″ wood or similar

Using a circular saw, cut the wood into two 24″ x 24″ pieces. A framing square would come in handy to make lines for the cuts. Using the Trusst aluminum base plate as a template, temporarily remove the connectors and use a pencil to mark where the holes should be on the wood base. Be very careful removing the connectors, you can easily strip the hex key holes. Drill thru the connector holes and countersink on one side (so that when you mount the connectors on the wood everything is flush). Also you can cut out handles using hole cutting bit and jigsaw or by plunge cutting it with a circular saw. Use the plastidip to coat the wood surface before putting on the connectors. Use several light coats and let each coat dry.

A better solution would be to go to a steel yard and find some remnants and cut it into 24″ x 24″ steel plates and drill holes in the steel. However, I wasn’t able to find a deal that made it worth my time and I was on a time crunch. In addition, you may need some special tools like a drill press and straight edge for grinder if you cut the metal yourself.


You can go to a local seamstress and have them sew for you or you can sew yourself. I purchased the white stretch fabric locally at joann fabrics and sewed myself with a sewing machine.



I use a Chauvet Slimpar56 inside of each Glo Totem. I like these because they are inexpensive and reliable. I wouldn’t recommend putting any lights on top of the DIY GLO Totem. I don’t think it is stable enough for any significant weight on top.