Here are a few red flags that you should be aware of before hiring any entertainment No Website – May not be professional/reliable or have very little experience. Most every legitimate business nowadays has their own domain URL. No Reviews – No way to verify the DJ’s track record. Do a google search for “DJ  insert-name-here complaints”. No Pictures – If there are no pictures of the DJ and their actual setup, they may not have performed many or any events at all.  Many unexperienced DJ’s use stock photos. No Business Account – The Professional DJ should also have a true business and/or a business banking account to receive payments. No Insurance – The DJ may not be permitted to perform in some venues without proper liability  insurance. Liability insurance coverage is to protect the DJ in the event of accident/injury of persons or property. Large Companies – Many times with large companies you do not get to meet the DJ that will be performing your event until the day of. Get in writing which DJ will perform. Here are important questions to ask before signing a contract. How much experience do you have with this particular type of event – Especially If you are having a special occasion such as a wedding , sweet 16 or bar or bat mitzvah Can you provide clean/radio edits of music – Most DJ’s will play the radio edits of songs and unless specified otherwise. It is good to have this conversation up front to make sure the music meets the needs of the event. Do you provide sound system – Many Club DJ’s do not provide sound systems or will have inadequate sound systems for certain events. Can you provide a detailed estimate – Have the DJ/Company breakdown the costs to you. What payment types do you accept – Almost all Professional DJ’s will accept cash, check or credit cards and will meet you in person. Will you MC the event – Most Professional DJ’s will MC as well as DJ an event, but you should have this conversation up front, before signing contract. A seperate MC is sometimes a preferred option for some events. What is the deposit or refund policy – Typically, a deposit/payment will secure your date and final payment is due on the day of or prior to the event date. Refunds or credits for rain or shine events should be discussed prior to signing.    ]]>